Tony Jackson - Illustrator.

Illustration is an exploration into imagination filled with optimism and opportunity.


Before a drop of ink hits the paper countless steps are carefully considered.


I practice my craft to unfold the story and choose the best path.

Only then magical worlds and characters can be brought to life.

Short Bio.


Born in the 1980's, Tony Jackson spent his formative years in a town west of London called Slough where Mars Bars were made, moaning Mrs Evans lived next door and a popular comedy show called The Office was based. Dusty, industrial and busy, but home none the less. Roast dinners took place at Nanny Sloans on a Sunday. The family would assemble. Much tea was strained and many laughs were had by the adults in a crowded, smokey living room with wood panel walls. 


At the age of 7 his family moved north to the Highlands of Scotland, travelling by car through the beautiful Cairngorm mountains. He studied in Aberdeen and Inverness where he currently lives and works as an Illustrator.




Postcard design in aid of Art in Healthcare, 2019.