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Progressing through a Pandemic.

Updated: Jul 3

2020 was a testing year. Many of us had to adjust to a different way of living. Though it has raised many questions and uncertainties about the future its not all bad. As I haven't worked in my regular job for many months its given me lots of time to think about art and illustration and the direction I should take.

Where am I and what exactly am I trying to achieve? Progression has been slow. I seem to discover a rock of knowledge only to lift it up and uncover more worm holes of valuable information or practical skill. I swiftly kick myself every time this happens for not doing so sooner. However, with all this extra time on my hands I'm not complaining and I'm pleased to say its not being wasted.

Where am I?

As you may well know from following my posts on social media I am aiming to turn my hand towards Illustration and/or Concept Art. There competitive fields but I think the ability to apply for jobs is the way forward. I couldn't rely on sales alone as income and it isn't priority. There may come a time when I will have to create a website specifically to promote a portfolio and offer a service.

I feel confident moving forward but I do have the habit of overthinking things sometimes and like to know everything before I feel safe to proceed. I'm comfortable having studied art, visual communication and graphic design. Taking what I have learnt over the years, I know what I'm capable of that I have to keep improving. Also, as is now three years old, I am ready to move forward. Having that experience of hosting a website, shop and various social media accounts has been very insightful.

Where am I going?

Well, I'm not gong to lie, I don't know where to go. That may sound like I'm out of my depth, but to be honest I'm overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options and possibilities that choosing a specific route is proving troubling. Options like, what medium or mediums should I use? Whats my style? What type of illustrations should I make? Etc etc. I don't feel restricted by the options but I feel I have to restrict myself to a realistic target. At this point, If any of my creative friends are reading, I would be grateful of any advice or insight you may be able to share.

Recently I have been slightly obsessed with investigating different art techniques and industries. There are loads of videos and guidance out there thanks to the interwebs. I have been deep diving into tutorials, refreshing old knowledge and learning new. Im interested in fantasy, sci-fi, book/game illustration but it may be better to tackle a different genre to begin with. Im also considering using different mediums rather than just one, each having its on style.

Im aware that these options all need to be respected and require different skills. Right now I'm leaving options open. With the extra time I'm making steady progress, working on personal projects, practicing with mediums and drawing loads. I would like to get some kind of portfolio out there as quickly as possible as I'm more and more aware that the extra time is slipping away.

"We must go on, because we can't turn back" Mr Smollett, Treasure Island

This is where I am for the time being anyway. I thought I should start making an effort to update my blog. I will use this as a diary and hopefully it will encourage steady workflow.

If you have any advice or insight that you would like to share please feel free to leave me a comment or get in touch. Send me an email at

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Tony Jackson.

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